Registration and Certification


Registration and Certification




First year registration

For all degree courses other than to which there are limits on numbers admitted registration begins on 1st August and ends on 20th October. Students wishing to register must complete the appropriate forms, which are obtainable from the Bursar's Office (Economato) (tel. 0862432027), and supply three passport size photographs. Deadlines for applications to degree and diploma courses with limited access vary from year to year; students wishing to apply should consult the announcements on the web ( The same terms apply to Italian students with educational qualifications obtained outside Italy; together with other documentation they should submit official, certified translations of their examination certificates . Procedures for the admission of foreign students are drawn up year by year by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Students must apply through the embassies of their country of origin and must pass an Italian language test, which is usually held at the beginning of September.

For information call 0862432006


Registration in second and successive years

According to new regulations the deadline for registration in second and successive years is decided by the individual faculty. Students who have completed the full legal term of their course of study can register at any time in the new academic year, but must have completed the necessary procedures before taking any examinations or submitting their theses.

For information call 0862432006


Socrates / Erasmus / Lingua / Tempus Students

In the May prior to your arrival the following items must be sent to the
International Affairs Section
Piazza Vincenzo Rivera 1, 67100 L'Aquila
tel.: ++39-0862432238,     fax: ++39-0862432003,     E-Mail:


The International Affairs Section will send the student handbook of the faculty of your choice.

Upon arrival

On arrival in L'Aquila (at the beginning of October in the case of full-year students and first semester students, at the beginning of February in the case of second semester students) a student registration form must be completed and handed in at the International Affairs Section. Photocopies of your passport or identity card, E-111 form and temporary residence permit from the "Questura" (police headquarters) must be attached to the registration form. Erasmus students not partecipating in ECTS must also include their study plan. The International Affairs Section will then give non-ECTS Erasmus students a form on which their course-work will be recorded. Two weeks after registration, you will be able to obtain from the Student Registration Office an attendance record card which is to be signed by the professor at the end of each course.

At the end of the exchange period

At the end of the exchange period (February/March for students staying for the first semester, June/July for students staying the whole year or for the second semester) students must hand in their completed and signed attendance record card to the Student Registration Office (before final exams). After final exams, students must complete the following:


Computerised Self-Service Facilities for Students

Since 1st September 1998 the Univeristy of L’Aquila has operated a Computerised Self-Service Facilities for Students (SIFA). The purpose of SIFA is to improve the quality of services offered to students by means of a computerised information system covering both administrative aspects of University life and teaching. The ten SIFA consoles positioned in the various faculties and in the central administrative building (Palazzo Carli) facilitate and simplify procedures students must complete in connection with their coures. In particular students can access in real time information which is up-dated daily; they can check on their adminstrative status and position with regard to their ourse of study; they can ask for and obtain certificates (including officially stamped certificates, which may be subsequently annulled in cases of irregularity); they can correct and up-date personal information and register for examinations. A summary list of the kinds of services offered is as follows:

  • Access to SIFA
    To protect access by students to the services offered and the functioning of the self-service consoles, every student is issued with a password which guarentees the privacy of personal data.
  • Student information
    To give out information as laid down by the University and by the Faculty.
  • Registry
    Provides registration services; requests for certificates in real time from the self-service consoles; on screen access to data concerning University carrier and formal position.
  • Teaching
    Provides services enabling students to register for examinations.
  • Students may obtain their passwords from the Student Registration Office.